How To Choose a VoIP Phone Solution in Tampa 

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You’ve made the decision to upgrade your traditional phone system and transition to a VoIP phone solution. Picking the right provider is a daunting task because of the sheer number of companies offering a VoIP phone solution. 

It’s important find a provider and solution which fits the needs of your business, and not be dazzled by the monthly special the provider is offering at that time. 

VoIP Phones in Tampa: Know The VoIP Phone Solution You Want 

First, you’ll need to research if a VoIP solution will improve your business’s efficiencies. Next, pinpoint the features and needs of the business. ProTip: crowdsource your employees to know exactly what features would benefit your business. Run a survey and find out what they need to perform their job. Here are a few of the questions you may want to ask: 

  • Do we need audio/video conferencing? 
  • Do we need our business applications syncing with the VoIP solution? 
  • Do we need SMS messaging? 
  • Do we still need faxing? 
  • Do we need a collaboration tool

Once the survey has concluded, you’ll be able to start researching VoIP phone solution providers that offer service in your area. 

VoIP Phones in Tampa: Research Providers 

New companies are popping up daily, all vying for your business. There are many types of solutions providers, so you need to determine which type fits your needs. When researching VoIP phone solutions providers, it’s important to ask these questions: 

  • Does the provider offer just voice? 
  • Does the provider offer voice and call routing? 
  • Can the system support international calling? 
  • How does the solution support multiple locations? 
  • Do I need a separate collaboration tool? 
  • Does the provider also provide devices? 
  • Is customer support an additional cost? 
  • Are all features a flat fee? 

If you’re looking for VoIP phone solutions provider in Tampa, contact us. We offer a wide range of services to fit your business needs. 

VoIP Phones in Tampa: Onboarding 

No matter if this is first experience with VoIP, or your 10th, make sure there is a detailed onboarding process. Change is difficult, and there’s a bit of a learning curve with new technology.  

A great provider will work with their clients to ensure they’re able to access all features and answer all questions that may arise. Training is typically offered to clients as part of the journey to their new phone system. 

VoIP Phones in Tampa: Customer Support 

At some point, you’ll need to contact customer support. When researching providers, research their support hours and methods. It will make a difference with your experience. Some providers may offer online tickets only. Some may only be available during business hours. Others offer 24/7 support and offer a number of contact options; chat, text, or phone. It’s important to know what level of support is available before you sign on. 

VoIP Phones in Tampa: Latency and Security 

Latency is a problem which causes lags or delays in communication or other data transfers. While VoIP phone systems can be affected by latency, some providers safeguard for less latency or downtime. Ask about a VoIP phone solutions provider’s uptime guarantee. You can prevent latency with a faster broadband connection. 

Security is top of mind for all clients. You want to make sure they’re implementing the latest encryption technology. If you’re in an industry working with delicate information, like healthcare or finance, you might need to additional measures. If you’re a healthcare company, you’ll want to investigate HIPAA compliance. 

VoIP Phones in Tampa: Read Reviews 

Online reviews are a great way to see how their customers view the service. If the company posts reviews on their website, even better. If peers are subscribers to the VoIP phone solutions provider you’re investigating, reach out to them. Find out the pros and cons and if they’re happy with their level of service. 

Advanced Communications, your VoIP Phone Solutions Provider in Tampa 

Advanced Communications is here to help you navigate the VoIP phone solution provider landscape and help you choose the right system for your needs. We will help with all your questions, as well as installation and deployment all the way through to your usage and updates. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings. 

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