Transportation Companies Need Telecommunications

cabs working for transportation companies
cabs working for transportation companies

Transportation companies and logistics is a $1.3 trillion industry and being able to manage goods that are being shipped around the country is important. The time of delivery of packages needs to be coordinated with an effective team that knows how to use telecommunications technology. With a workforce that spends a majority of the time on the road or in the air, the office workers that support the men and women on the road typically work in a corporate or virtual office with up to date software programs.

Every year, 9.2 billion tons of freight moves across the country according to the American Trucking Association. In the next 10 years, it is expected to see an increase of 29%. The only way for trucking companies to keep up with the competition is to use telecommunications that will improve productivity.

Quick Access to Information

An outdated business phone system for transportation companies is not an option. When a truck driver is out on the road, the ability to get the right information and quickly get in touch with key contacts will help with the overall customer experience. Toll free numbers to call while traveling through Canada and the U.S. with unlimited long distance is essential. Cloud services with Outlook web access as well as email continuity with a combination of compliance and security needs to be easily accessible.

Telecommunications Helps with Driver Shortages

The trucking industry is experiencing a shortage of drivers interested in applying for these jobs. With a limited number of drivers on a team, productivity is a priority to transportation companies. Real time information and support will help with getting the job done right. Managing scheduled deliveries and being on time can prevent financial losses when traveling to a destination. Customer information, web chat, video and the ability to resolve a customer issue quickly is achievable with reliable business phone systems. This also gives employees working in your headquarters an easier way of contacting drivers.

Orlando Business Phone Systems

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“Space Florida has been a customer of Advanced Communications since 2008 exclusively using their Allworx Phones and Servers.  Advanced Communications has always been very responsive to our support requests and have helped us transition and grow many times to new locations and configurations. In addition to their knowledge and expertise with the Allworx Systems, they have also been instrumental coordinating with our data service providers and verifying the type and level of service we require and managing the transition and start up.”

– Ted Beerman, Space Florida’s Director of Facilities and Technology

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