Relocating the Office and IT Equipment

Sometimes, a business move is inevitable. Businesses might have to relocate to a less expensive option, it is required to move due to lease issues, or the office is upgrading to a larger space. Whatever the reason may be for relocating, it can lead to headaches and stress, especially if the office has many computers, printers, and a complicated telecom system.

Here are a few tips on moving from one office to another and eliminating as much stress as possible in the process.

Creating New Workspaces

When relocating to a different office it best to map out the office area before moving anything into the space. Find and locate all of the plug-outlets, phone connectors, etc. This will help avoid multiple attempts of moving office furnishings to work with a specific plug outlet. Also, it is best to identify where new outlets or connections might be required.

Get Quotes from Phone System Providers

Relocating to a new office is the perfect opportunity to network with different phone system providers (do check out any cancellation guidelines with current provider). Making the switch during an office move allows the other service provider to pick up leased equipment from the previous office, removing that stress, and lets the new phone system providers bring in the new equipment. Businesses should look into VoIP phone solutions to save on costs.

Label Equipment and Devices

It is easy for computers, keyboards, desk chairs, etc to be mixed up during a move. Make certain that all employees label and mark their work desktops and equipment appropriately, so it can be easily identified and set up in the workspace.

Make an Inventory List and Appoint a Moving Rep

For a business owner, office relocation is high-stress, so it can be extremely helpful to create an inventory list of everything needed for the move. Delegate some of the responsibility to an overseeing manager or representative to help with organizing the office and staff for the upcoming move.

At Advanced Communications LLC., the staff offers a number of ways to help cut down on costs for business owners on their phone systems. Simplify the office’s phone systems and contact us today for a quote before relocating to the new office workspace.


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