Let your First Business impression be a Great Impression

Starting a business is more than leasing an office and moving in furniture. In order to have a successful business, there needs to be a communications system set up, internet, and reliable office equipment. Do you know how to place a new customer on hold and then transfer them to the proper voicemail box, or customer representative? Whether your business has only you as an employee, or if it is a corporation with 400 employees the communications, internet, and networking system needs to be consistent and easy to understand. What if you are the only employee and you have to leave the office for printing or mail supplies, would it be important to know how to forward calls to your smartphone, or check the voicemail from a location other than the office, absolutely! These are all an important part of running a business and setting it up for success.

What should new companies/startup business owners be aware of when shopping around for the office, other than paper and pens?

1. A dependable internet provider with fast upload and download speeds. The internet is not the area where you want to go with the cheapest price. The last thing a business owner needs is to feel they are working on a dial-up connection; it will cause unnecessary aggravation.

2. An easy-to-understand phone system is imperative when starting a new business. More importantly, one that is easy to use and understand. Remember, in this age of technology business owners should be able to easily access voicemails and business emails from any location not just at the office. They should be able to change the voice mail greetings with ease.

3. Invest in an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner/fax machine, there are many services that will lease copy/fax machine and in the contract offer toner replacement and repairs.

Understand the significance of presentation when starting a business, this does not mean over spend your budget, by any means, it simply means put your best foot forward always. First impression can make or break a business, and if a potential client calls the business line and then when transferred the call gets lost, or the voicemail is not set up it sounds unprofessional. The chances of them calling back are slim. Keep in mind, people form their opinion within the first four minutes of interacting with a person or company. Here at Advanced Communication we can definitely help out with with all your communications needs and make sure those first four minutes are trouble-free!


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