How Do I Get a Virtual Phone Number? 

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You can get a virtual phone number from an internet phone service provider of your choice. You can also acquire a virtual phone line when you purchase an internet-based phone system. You’re probably here right now because you are interested in getting a virtual phone number and you’ve come to the right place! Just scroll through to discover all the information you need to get started. 

What You Need to Know About Virtual Phone Lines 

Nowadays a lot of businesses choose internet-based phone services so they can get all the flexibility and reliability that comes with having a service that only needs an internet connection to work.  And why wouldn’t they? Virtual phone numbers are easily accessible nowadays. They have become a simple and affordable solution that helps businesses grow. 

Here are some things to know about virtual phone numbers: 

  • While it might be easier for you to get a virtual phone number from your provider as part of a phone system package, you can also get them alone. 
  • Your internet provider might have the option to port your current phone number from a traditional phone line to a virtual one. 
  • Having a virtual phone number makes your business more accessible. 
  • A virtual phone number is a great way to protect your privacy. You can easily link a private number to a virtual one to avoid compromising your personal information. 

What is a Virtual Phone Number? 

A virtual phone number is a telephone number that isn’t tied to a physical location (a specific phone device or landline). It allows users to reroute calls from one number to another number or IP address. Therefore, virtual numbers can be used to make and receive calls on any kind of phone whether it’s a mobile, VoIP desk phone or even other internet-connected devices. 

In the past, phone numbers were tied to a specific line that was physically connected to a specific location. That’s why numbers were designated to a specific workplace, or home or business, and any calls made to that place could only travel to the specific location. A virtual number is not physically connected anywhere, instead it’s up on a server or in “the cloud.” That’s why having one gives your business a lot more flexibility than a regular number ever could. 

How Can You Get a Virtual Phone Number? 

Getting a virtual phone line is a stress-free process. As mentioned above the easiest way to go about it is through a VoIP provider. If you already have a VoIP phone system, you could speak to your provider about getting a virtual phone line for your service. You could also port any normal phone number to a virtual one if you’d prefer.  

If you aren’t an Advanced Communications customer yet, we can help get you started! With us, you get more than just a virtual phone number. You also receive a cloud phone service packed with features that will transform your communications – making them more reliable, flexible, and secure. If you are an Advanced Communications customer but don’t have virtual phone numbers with us yet – get in touch! We’d be happy to help. 

Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number: 

  • Flexibility. A virtual phone number allows you to take calls from anywhere. If your team works remotely or on a hybrid schedule, communicating with them will be no problem since everyone will have a number that can be accessible from any device at any time. 
  • No heavy equipment needed. There’s no need to buy phones every time someone joins your team, with a virtual phone number they can use any device to connect and make and receive calls. You also save money and time on installations and maintenance. 
  • Maintain a higher level of security and privacy. VoIP connections are encrypted, so your information is kept private. Furthermore, you don’t have to share any private numbers with clients. Just give them your virtual phone number and you can answer business calls from any device – even your personal ones – risk-free. 

Are there Any Disadvantages to Virtual Phone Lines? 

  • It can get costly if you are not careful. If you are using your virtual phone number on mobile devices make sure to keep an eye on your data! If you are using data to make calls, your bill could skyrocket. However, this shouldn’t be an issue if you are careful in your data usage. 
  • Work-life balance can be complicated. As we previously mentioned, virtual phones allow you to take calls from anywhere at any time, and if you are someone that has trouble disconnecting from work this could mean that you are taking calls even in your free time. What you can do to avoid this is to completely disconnect from your digital devices during your “me time.” 
  • Internet quality can affect your call quality. Because the calls are being made through the internet, poor speed quality could make your calls sound faulty. Be sure to have a reliable internet connection to avoid this issue.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Phone Numbers: 

How much do virtual phone numbers cost? 

With a provider, virtual phone numbers can cost anywhere from $5 to $10 dollars. You can get virtual phone numbers for free as well, but these won’t come with the security and features that a paid one offers. 

In what countries are virtual phone numbers available? 

Virtual phone numbers are available in most parts of the world. To know if your calls will connect in a specific country, talk to your service provider and ask them about their coverage. 

Are virtual phone numbers long? 

Virtual phone numbers have the same 10-digit format as regular U.S. landlines, with a three-digit area code preceding the number. But because digital phone numbers aren’t tied to a physical location you don’t have to use any specific area code to where you are located. However, businesses often use this to create local presences in different parts of the world. It is also common for virtual phone numbers to use a toll-free prefix instead of an area code. 

Can I use my current phone number as a virtual phone number? 

Yes! All you have to do is go through a process called “porting” where your traditional phone number is converted into a virtual one.  

Advanced Communications: Your Virtual Phone Provider 

We’re here to help you at Advanced Communications! If you would like more information about virtual phone numbers, need help getting yours, or want to discover more about our cloud-based phone systemreach out to us today! Our team of communications experts will gladly assist you with anything you might need. 


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