5 Modern Must-Have Phone System Features

With all the new technology out there, trying to make sense of all the new innovations in phone systems can be overwhelming. In this week’s post, we’ve listed five innovations that we think can make a significant impact on your business. These features – we feel – can help make your business more sustainable as it grows.

Let’s jump right in!

Web administration tools

Most modern telephone systems should come with some sort of browser-based administration suite. They’re usually both user-friendly and secure. Which saves you tons of money and time by allowing you to administrate your own system. Without having to call companies for things as simple as adding remote lines.

Remote extensions and mobile integration

There isn’t a single thing that makes today’s phone systems more powerful than their ability to make your workforce more mobile. From remote extensions that forward calls to cell phones to onsite/offsite capabilities; managers and employees can be more accessible than ever before. The added communication also makes it much easier to communicate, manage and find employees. Ensuring that your business runs more smoothly and efficiently.

Laptop/Desktop integration

Today’s systems do much more than just dialing and receiving calls. One of the most powerful tools are those that integrate your phone with a desktop or laptop, allowing you to use CRM software to place and answer calls with your computer.


In the past, phone systems were mostly beholden to the technology of the time. Today’s systems are far more adaptable. And you’ll have the ability to seamlessly and affordably expand your phone system needs as your business grows.

Unified messaging

There are two things you can do with unified messaging:

First, you can send voice-mails to your email in box. Second, you can play those messages in a variety of places, platforms and devices. You can also convert texts to voice and integrate messages from multiple platforms into one, singular, streamlined application.

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