How VoIP is Making Waves in the Hospitality Industry

VoIP has been making inroads in all kinds of businesses and the hospitality industry is certainly no different. Lured by lower costs and better functionality, it’s come to a point that in order to fill vacancies and entertainment venues, that VoIP has become an integral ingredient for success.

Less Staff, Better Function

The great thing about VoIP is that it requires fewer people to manage it. In turn, businesses are saving on labor costs and are able to shuttle their funds to areas where the customer can benefit more. Because the hospitality industry is constantly changing, the adaptability of VoIP has lent itself well, allowing hotels to evolve along with their communications systems.

VoIP in the Hospitality Industry = Growth

Hotels are all about shelling out whatever amenity they can. Competitive hotel chains have moved away from traditional analog systems and instead have opted to go with VoIP. When you look at places like Las Vegas where hotels are constantly being remodeled, it just makes good business sense to not have to worry about re-doing an entire analog phone system.

In addition, VoIP allows guests to make long distance calls and add an extra degree of convenience to their stay. Also, the small screens allow hotels to run advertisements for both local businesses and inside-the-hotel amenities, resulting in solid residual income.

VoIP in the Cloud

Cloud VoIP has been a total boon to the hospitality industry. It enables customers to have better, easier access to things like wake up calls, valet, or even booking reservations at restaurants or other tourism-related places. This means they can add tremendous value to even their most basic guest packages, making their brand and hotel more appealing and attractive to prospects.

Simply put, in an industry where keeping the customer happy is an ongoing, challenging, never-ending chase – VoIP brings a high degree of convenience, versatility and access. With the money saved and residual income gained, hotels and other businesses can not only lower their overhead, but also divert those resources into more attractive packages that will lure more customers.


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