The Benefits of Using Our Softphone and Mobile Apps 

person using softphone with icons on the screen

Your desktop is more than just a machine capable of producing spreadsheets, writing documents, or managing payroll. It’s a fully functioning communication device, as well. Desktop softphones are becoming commonplace and are being integrated into apps from VoIP solution providers. 

Desktop softphones supply several benefits to their customers, including reduced costs from extra software fees, contact migration, and easy installation. Read on to learn more about what a softphone is and the benefits of using desktop softphones and mobile apps. 

What is a Softphone? 

A softphone is software that has the features of a regular phone. It can run as an app on your PC/Mac/Mobile device or from an Internet browser, but don’t mix it up with a desk phone. Your desk phone is a physical piece of hardware. A softphone runs in the background of your device. 


Softphone software applications can also be installed on mobile devices. With security features associated with softphone software, you can make and receive calls from your mobile phone without showing your personal number.  

Softphone technology enables employees to access company information from any location that has a stable internet connection. This means that you and your employees can remain connected to proprietary information from remote locations, wherever that may be.  

Softphone apps have the standard capabilities of a desk phone; including call forwarding, conference calls, and voicemail. Enjoy all these features while enjoying your morning coffee from your favorite café. 

Sync Contacts 

Can your desktop phone pull in contacts from your email account or CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? Probably not. Softphones can sync your contacts into the app from a .csv file, a CRM like Salesforce, or Outlook. There is no need to manually enter your contacts into your phone, which saves you valuable time by not having to press several buttons to navigate phone menus. If you need to edit or add, easily type in the info from the app’s interface. It’s easy to customize your contacts and keep them organized into folders. 

With softphone providers like Centra IP Networks, you can import large lists from a file or use the Centra IP Networks’ cloud system. You can have access to all your contacts from one location; accessible from anywhere. 

Better Collaboration 

Video conferencing and messaging from a softphone or mobile app offer a clear advantage over a desk phone. You can’t see the other person from a desk phone, nor can you send a message. You’re only able to listen.  

Also, you can join in on individual or group video conferences with softphone technology. Business messaging is also built into the interface. By bundling voice, messaging, audio/video conferencing, cloud functionality, employees’ access all the features from one app as opposed to a communications stack of apps. 

At Centra IP Networks, we can integrate tools into your softphone like MS Teams. We’re here to listen to your needs and help you build the perfect solution for you and your business.  

Team Effectiveness 

Last but not least, a softphone has ‘Presence’ which lets you know if your teammate is available, out sick, do not disturb, or on a call. Seeing real-time visibility removes phone tag or missed calls and allows employees to get in touch with people who are available. Phone transfers are smoother too. How many times have you been transferred only to get someone’s voicemail? 

Centra IP Networks Future-Proofs Your Business with Softphone and Mobile Apps 

Softphones and mobile apps are a great pair for any business who wants to future-proof their technology and keep their workforce connected. With a remote workforce more commonplace, the desk phone is being used less often. If you’re considering a communications system which supports these functions, contact the experts at Centra IP Networks today. 


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