How to Know if Your Business Phone System is Ancient

At Advanced Communications, our goal is to offer our clients and small to medium sized businesses the best and most affordable communications solutions to help you be successful. Whether it is through business phone systems, data networking, infrastructure design and implementation, surveillance systems, audio and visual installations and more, we believe we have the best systems and service around.

Today, we will have a little fun to know if your business’ phone system may be too old and may be time for a change.

1. When paging someone, you have to shout across your office for another person to pick up.
These days, with new technology in call forwarding and automatic rerouting, phonecalls can be forwarded on wherever the employee may be to their cell phone, etc. This way, personal numbers may never have to be given out in trying to reach someone. New business phone systems today produce much of the state of the art technology for paging.

2. When your office being more “mobile,” means having the longest phone cord possible to pass the phone along.
Today, phone systems need to have a mobile presence. Many workers travel during the day or week and some also telecommute. The business phone systems that we offer and encourage our clients have many great mobile features that allow workers to be where they are and not miss out on important phone calls.

3. Having a conference call is by pushing the conference room phone’s “speaker” button.
Today, conference calls are an important ingredient to keeping up with today’s business marketplace. Those that may need to be on the phonecall may be physically in different locations and becomes much more difficult to putting everything in place to make this conference call a success.
Today’s technology includes amazing features that makes this process simple.

4. Your receptionist must dial extensions from a switchboard for calls to be transferred.
Today, in most current phone systems, an “auto-attendant” feature can do the work of a receptionist, every day of the week…with no lunch breaks.

There are so many great features for today’s business phone systems that are described in detail on our website. We invite you to look at the many features or please call us for any questions.


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