Great Benefits to Business VOIP

VoIP, voice over IP, is a fast growing technology that utilizes a business’ local area network and the Internet for phone calls, instead of traditional phone lines. As a systems integrator, you can save your clients money and gain services revenue as you help them deploy and maintain their VoIP systems. Today, we’ll take a look at the great benefits of VoIP.

One of the key advantages of VoIP services over traditional phone services is savings on long distance phone calls. By converting a caller’s voice to data and transferring it over the Internet to a VoIP phone on the other end, companies with many sites can avoid traditional phone lines and the long-distance charges that come with them.

The more advanced and lucrative customers are those that look to use some of the additional benefits of VoIP. Because it goes through the data network and is run on a server, VoIP can integrate with other applications. For example, in call centers, the benefits of VoIP include integrating the phones to customer relationship management applications or providing a “click here to talk to a representative” button on your client’s Web page.

VoIP can also connect with other communications media, a combination known as unified communications. For instance, some cell phones can work in a voice over wireless LAN mode, saving airtime minutes. You can also combine email and VoIP, so that users can access voicemail through their email clients. Each of those additional integrations is another potential project for you.

The long-distance savings are one of the well-known benefits of VoIP, but dropping prices for domestic long-distance calls are reducing that benefit. Even if a company doesn’t need all of the benefits of VoIP, its traditional phone system will eventually break down. When that happens, companies will want to replace their phone systems with the latest technology and that will steadily phase the TDM systems out.

At Advanced Communications, we would welcome the opportunity to share more about the additional benefits of a VOIP system to your business.


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