Future-Proof Your Workplace with a Unified Communications Solution 

woman using a unified communications solution

Unified communications can help set up your company for now and the future. Currently, remote and hybrid work models are on the rise. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 25% of the workforce will be completely remote by the end of 2023. If you are not offering your workers hybrid or remote work options because your communications are limited, it’s time to look at a unified communications solution. Keep reading to see how this option can improve your business.  


One aspect of a unified communications solution that is very important to businesses is the ability to offer mobility. To support workers who are in and out of the office, your communications solution needs to keep up with them.  

A great unified communications solution comes with the ability to turn any internet-connected device into a unified communications device. This means cell phones, tablets, laptops and more can all be used as a mobile office with the mobile app.  

As we move into the future, offering your employees the freedom to work from wherever they are most productive will become more valuable. Offering remote or hybrid work opportunities can open your candidate pool and land you the perfect employee for your business.  

Even better, you can have access to your managerial portal from anywhere as well. This means you can check up on your business at anytime from anywhere you may be.  


As you know, your communications need to be reliable. Depending on the current setup you have, you could be susceptible to power outages and downtime based on circumstances that are out of your control.  

A good unified communications solution provider should offer an SLA that guarantees an uptime of at least 99%. Great providers can guarantee up to a 99.999% uptime thanks to geo-redundancy – a feature that provides fail-safes for their solutions.  

With a solution that is reliable, you can build a reputation with your clients that even during uncertain times, you are available. Your employees can also be confident that when they are ready to work, their communications system will be ready for them.  


Along with reliability, this solution also improves security. As time moves forward, more and more aspects of everyday life are moving to a digital format. This can be risky as cyber-attacks, scammers, and spammers remain a threat. A reputable unified communications solution has built-in safety nets. This helps to ensure that your information as a business and your customer’s information stays safe and secure. This includes following all rules and regulations set forth by the FCC and other governing offices.  

Employee Productivity 

Finally, you can expect improved employee productivity. In order to keep your business moving forward, you need to ensure that your employees have access to a functional communications solution. With a unified communications solution, you give your employees a collaboration tool that is unparalleled by other programs that only have one or two main purposes.  

For example, businesses that deal with situations as they come up may have contracts and subscriptions. This allows them to finally deal several different providers and programs. This can lower the productivity of their staff. If employees are constantly learning new platforms and flipping back and forth between tabs and programs, they are losing valuable time. A unified communications solution cuts out the need to learn several different programs. This works by allowing your employees to stay on one easy-to-use platform throughout their workday.  

The Future of Your Business 

If you are ready to take your business to the next level with a great unified communications solution, Advanced Communications is here for you. Our cloud-based phone systems are packed full of the features and functions your business needs right now and in the future.  

Schedule a demo today to see just how great Advanced Communications systems are! 


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