Finding the Right Kind of Phone System for Your Small Business

The sheer number of phone systems out there leaves the typical small business owner with a whole mess of choices to consider. From VoIP to your more traditional landline networks, today’s systems can do any number of things for emerging businesses. Which one is right for you? That’s the question we’ll try to answer today.

While there’s certainly no, single ‘one-size fits-all’ answer, we can provide you with some of the things to consider when choosing a system for your small business. Let’s jump right in:


Phone systems aren’t any different from any other office IT system – they’re there to help you get more done, faster and more efficiently. With that in mind, you need to take careful consideration as to what you’ll be using your system for. Will you need lots of media and conference tools? Will your phones answered by someone at a front desk or do you need an automated attendant to sort out incoming calls for you? Is wireless best or is it even necessary to begin with? Asking yourself these questions can help you better put a package together that meets your needs. It also helps us identify your needs better so we can connect you with the best possible products to fit your business – as well as some ancillary benefits you might not have considered.


Don’t get stuck in the mode of thinking ‘this is what I need now.’ As your business grows, so will the demands on your phone system. In some cases, that growth can happen faster than you’d think. Are you going to be prepared for the future? What are some things you think you might need to meet the challenges coming down the road? Answering these questions not only get you thinking critically about how your business will evolve, but also helps you affordably over-buy in the short term so that you save more money over the long term. Chances are, you can buy cheaper now when you have less of a need than you would in the future when your need was glaring.

In many ways, think of it like a house. When you buy, you buy a house that you’ll grow into, not just something that meets your immediate needs. Think of you phone system the same way.


Sure, our IT sales pros are sales people. But they’re also there to help you, not rip you off. The better the product, the better the fit. The better the fit the more you trust us. The more you trust us, the better we do. Trust their advice, but also feel free to push back a bit. They know IT and you know your business. Having an active, participatory back and forth helps identify the best solutions long-term. Taking advantage of that elasticity can lead to better decisions.Contact Advanced Communications LLC today for more information about our services.


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