Considering a Return to the Office? Here’s Why You Still Need Cloud-Based Phone Systems

A modern workspace using the best cloud-based business phone systems for business success

The last few years have been a whirlwind for the topic of returning to the office. The funny thing is that it does come down to the organization itself and how remote life has changed, either good or bad, business. This is a uniquely personal decision for each company, and whatever you choose, keeping a cloud-based phone system will still be a wise decision. According to ResumeBuilder, by the end of 2024, 90 percent of businesses will have returned to office in one way or another

Your business has survived or even been created during one of the most tumultuous times in modern business. Before proceeding, take a moment to acknowledge this accomplishment. 

The Importance of Cloud Services 

Cloud services have connected the world like never before. The depth to which our society relies on cloud services truly boggles the mind. By 2025, 50 percent of all data will be stored in the cloud, up from 25 percent in 2015. With the freedom and security that come with cloud services, you might have forgotten the struggle it was when the pandemic shifted into gear and the business world had to scramble to accommodate safety needs. 

The cloud services world, especially cloud-based phone systems, got shot out of a cannon with how much they were suddenly in the spotlight. Technological innovations have kicked into high gear, and it’s incredible to see what has emerged in a short four years. Because of this and other worldwide events, the investment in cloud services is still a wise one. 

Why Cloud-Based Phone Systems Are a Necessity 

Reliance on cloud-based phone systems is about more than a desire to reduce change. It’s about the advantages to employees, customers, and employers alike. Now that the immediate threat of uncertainty is gone, it’s not easy to say that we can kick our improvements to the curb and welcome back all the old ways you used to do business. Challenge yourself to think about your world before cloud-based phone systems. It’s a dark place, isn’t it? 

Productivity Levels 

The productivity increases are well above what was expected when remote life was first suggested. Business leaders feared workers would slack off, which would be a disaster, but that was not the case. A report from Zoom states that 65 percent of professionals say the ability to message and video conference on the same platform is important.   

Of course, you’ve heard stories on the news or social media about people taking advantage, but you know what? Bad apples are everywhere, regardless of whether you work remotely. 

Communication Efficiencies 

Streamlining business communication operations was in dire need of an upgrade. Let’s say this together now: “Email is not a form of instant communication.” We had to dispel that way of thinking and usher in a new world of presence and communications standards with unified communication platforms. 

You now have true instant collaboration and get precisely what you need when you need it, wherever you are. With a move back to the office and the power of a cloud-based phone system, you can keep the communication efficiencies you have grown so accustomed to.  

Security of Documents and Data 

Security concerns don’t go away if you return to the office. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and when you partner with a cloud-based phone system provider like CentraIP, you get enterprise-level system security monitoring that keeps you and your business locked down from anything trying to break through the cyber door. By 2025, the world will be storing 200 zettabytes of data. For context, one zettabyte is equal to 30 billion 4k movies. Humanity is creating an enormous need for data security.  

Keep Your Business Moving Forward: Cloud-Based Phone Systems Are Essential 

You can rest assured that keeping your cloud-based phone system when you return to the office will continue to make business sense for many years. The world is vast, and potential problems are deep, so keep your business flexible and ready for anything.  

With CentraIP, we are the managed service provider that keeps you connected and functioning at the highest possible levels. Contact us today to maximize your business IT potential. 


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