80% of U.S. businesses overcharged on their phone bills

I saw this article at www.naturalnews.com, and although it’s from back in 2005, we are still seeing similar problems with the billings of major phone carriers.

Although most companies consider their phone bill one of their top expenses, few take the time to have someone look over the bill for errors. Those that do usually only employ a part-time worker, but a study by The Gartner Group may open their eyes. The study found that 80 percent of U.S. businesses have errors on their phone bills that are never found or reported.

The problem comes from the long-standing system phone companies use to track their services and billing. The system is split into two sections: The section that keeps track of what services a customer has, and the section that bills the customers. “The process itself is inherently faulty,” says professional telephone consultant Frank Stoczko. “It’s quite often the case that there’s faulty entry between the two systems, which results in faulty billing.” Stoczko says a customer may get a feature (such as caller ID) and then cancel it, but the phone company may only cancel it from the service section of the billing system. Then, customers are being charged for a service they no longer have. VoIP phone solutions eliminate this problem.

Stoczko has seen this type of overcharging for over 17 years. Prior to 2004, Stoczko checked bills for errors for a major call center company that had call centers around the country, and he said he often saw small surcharges and mistaken charges that most companies would just blow off. However, small charges add up, especially for big businesses. In the case of Stoczko’s employer, he called in a consultant who found a lot of errors the company analysts had missed, and saved them a six-figure amount of money in the process.

Read the whole article; httpss://www.naturalnews.com/015625_phone_bill_telecommunications.html

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