Stay Safe and Secure with Video Surveillance Technology 

Person using their Security video surveillance

Starting a business is a compromise where you exchange your time, money, and work to grow the business. So, naturally, your company will be one of your top priorities in day-to-day life. After all, that’s where your investment is, and you have to protect it from anything that implies a risk.   

Investing in insurance, good infrastructure, and a security system can offer you peace of mind. This may sound expensive, but there are many accessible options in the market to keep your business and your wallet secure–for example, a security video surveillance system.   

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to three business owners and their stories on how video surveillance technology has helped them.  

Security Video Surveillance Use Cases

“It was late when I was leaving the store.”  

Meet Sarah. She creates handcrafted items and sells them in her store. Of the nature of her job, the shop is also where many of her creations are born. And, this time, caught up in the creative moment, she forgot the pace of time. “Bzzz,” she heard her phone vibrating.   

When she looked over her phone, it was past 9:00 p.m. It wasn’t the middle of the night, but no other store was open at the time. It had one notification “The Camera has detected some unusual activity.” She went to the app to monitor the security video surveillance, and indeed, there was an unknown van with two men outside. 

This heads-up from the security video surveillance app gave her plenty of time to lock the doors and call the police.   

“Someone left the equipment unsecured.”  

Meet Mario. He owns a manufacturing company that specializes in producing heavy machinery. One day, as Mario was about to head out, he looked over the cameras to see if everything’s under control. A tilling light caught his attention. Someone forgot to turn off the machinery!   

Leaving the machine on can cause a few different problems: the machine could overheat after so much time on, and this would stop operations for the next day. Or even worse, someone could touch the device without knowing it’s on and be seriously injured.   

Mario could keep his business and teammates safe thanks to his security video surveillance system.  

“One more round, please!”  

Meet Victor. He’s the owner of a bar near the beach. Many students come to the bar after their classes are over to relax and have fun. Finals were finally over, and the university would be closed until the following semester. So, students were more thirsty than usual. All you could hear was, “One more round, please!”.  

Everything was pure fun and games until it was time to pay. A table lost count of how much they drank and accused Victor of taking advantage of their drunken state.   

Luckily for Victor, he knows his clientele and brought the tapes to the table. By looking at the recording, students profoundly apologized and promised it wouldn’t happen again.   

Victor maintained his customers and reputation intact thanks to his security video surveillance.   

Keep An Eye Over Your Business with Security Video Surveillance  

Your business can encounter many threats in a variety of ways. With a security video surveillance system, you can protect your business from possible accidents, crime, and even false accusations. At Advanced Communications, we can help you find the best video surveillance solution for your business! Keep an eye on your business 24/7 from anywhere with our security video surveillance systems. Contact us now! 


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