How Do I Select the Best VoIP Provider 

How Do I Select The Best VoIP Provider

To select the best VoIP provider, you will need to access what your business needs. In fact, it’s crucial to steer the conversation to what you need. Working with a VoIP provider, like Advanced Communications, who acts as a consultant, will listen to your needs and ensure they create a solution tailored to your business.  

Working with a provider close to your location can be a benefit, as they know the area. Local providers can often focus on you, providing a better experience. When doing your due diligence, it’s important to ask these questions:  

  • Do you charge for support?  
  • Are there other fees outside of our monthly fee?  
  • Do you offer devices?  
  • Free of charge?  
  • Rental?  
  • Purchase to own?  
  • Do you offer services outside of voice?  
  • How long is the onboarding/installation process? 

Having these questions at the ready not only helps you but also helps the provider, as they can tailor a solution and build a custom quote for you. 

Evaluate Your Needs 

First, you need to evaluate your current system. If most of your employees are in the office, will the current system meet their needs to do their job effectively? Will a new system improve their productivity? What can’t they do now? Don’t assume that your employees want the same thing you do. You might need call reporting, but they may need a more integrated system. Involve your employees in the process and ask them what they need. 

What features are important 

  • Mobile access 
  • Call forwarding 
  • Auto-attendants 

Once you’ve conducted your survey, you can begin your research on VoIP providers. 

What’s Your Budget 

It’s beneficial for you and the provider to know the budget. It’s essential not to get caught up on cost but to recognize the service’s value. However, budgets need to be followed. Most VoIP providers have subscription-based services and can work with budgets of all sizes. At Advanced Communications, we have competitive pricing and will also make sure to work within your budget’s framework. 

Do You Require Training? 

Will the provider offer training for your employees, whether in-person or virtual? Do they just have a broad knowledge base of self-help training videos? It all depends on how your employees like to learn. Most VoIP providers will offer both, depending on the customer’s needs. Knowing how they want to learn will improve the system’s adoption chances. There will be a learning curve with any new technology, but as long as adequate training is available, it’ll simplify the training process. 

Make Sure It’s Secure 

You should also consider their security. As soon as you plug any device into the Internet, you become vulnerable to cyberattacks. Hackers don’t care how big or small you are; they just like causing trouble. Since your communication system is one of the major arteries of your business, it’s imperative to know the security measures the VoIP provider implements. This will be critical information if you’re in a highly regulated industry like healthcare or finance. 

How Are Their Reviews? 

Make sure to utilize services like G2 or TechnologyAdvice to see if there are any reviews on the company. You can also Google the company and look at the reviews. Word of mouth is key; most prospective customers will trust these reviews. Make sure customer testimonials are present on the site.  

Let Advanced Communications Be the VoIP Provider You Choose 

Advanced Communications is here to answer all your questions on choosing the best VoIP provider, and we are honest and transparent. We take a consultative approach to learning your business and specific needs. We’ll help you through the process from beginning all the way through your onboarding. Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started. 


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